This comprehensive and inspirational book explains how lawyers can make their lives more exciting, fulfilling, and profitable by taking control of their destinies. Global management consultant and trusted advisor to many of the world's largest law firms, Gerald Riskin goes beyond simple concept or theory, and delivers a book packed with concrete advice that you can put to work right away. By using the principles found in this book, you can live out your dreams, embrace success, and awaken your firm to its full potential. 

Book sections include:

  • The Foundations of Success 

  • Successfully Managing the Client Relationship 

  • Putting Client-Relations Skills to Work 

  • Increasing Your Value

  • The Business of Law

  • Time and Money.

The 48 brief, clearly written chapters include:

Courting Prospective Clients • Meeting Prospective Clients • Managing Client Expectations • Becoming More Valuable • Building Client Rapport • Delegating Assignments • Receiving Assignments • Handling Accounts Exceeding Estimates • Dealing with Difficult People • Harnessing Technology • Managing Time • and many, many more.